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Friday, January 24, 2014

Universal Sports to Air Contest Live!

This weekend during the Body Glove Maverick's Invitational surfers from all around the world will be gathering in California at Maverick's to begin the surf competition Maverick's Invitational. Although the contest has not changed since it's origin there will be a new way to view it. Universal Sports network recently announced that they will be showing the contest on their television network for the first time. This is one of the first times a live surfing contest will be able to be viewed on television besides California or Hawaii. This new marketing of surfing will open up many doors for the surfing industry. A new stand out in the surfing world, Redbull, has sponsored many movies along with the Red Bull Signature Series showcasing action sports, including surfing. The Signature Series has showcased numerous surfing competitions, none of which were live, in different locations around the world. All of the showcased events were on the WCT, making Maverick's the first non WCT event shown on television.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Shark Attack

If you have ever been in the ocean the thought has crossed your mind that a shark could be swimming nearby. If you have ever watched Jaws or Soul Surfer or any other shark attack related movie you have always had the thought in the back of your mind that a shark is lurking nearby. But for a majority of us we will never be attacked by a shark or possibly even see a shark, but for swimmers and surfers in Hawaii the fear of a shark attack has recently been escalated. In 2013 Hawaii had a record amount of recorded shark attacks, 14 to be exact, two of which resulted in fatalities. Both of these fatalities were in the area of Makena State Park on the island of Maui. Also both fatal shark attacks occurred with tourists, one a German snorkeler and a Washington state kayak fisherman. This fear for tourists could be harmful to Hawaii's economy considering that a majority of their economy is comprised of tourists. Although in years prior when shark attacks first started to increase it did not seem to affect tourism, it is still a major concern for local business owners. It is not yet certain why exactly the number of attacks has spiked, theories include radiation from the tsunami in Japan that pushed sharks closer to land and that increased numbers in sea turtle population has given sharks more to hunt, however, neither of those theories are confirmed. Whatever the reason for the increase in attacks one thing is for certain, the more kayakers, paddle boarders, and swimmers in the water, the more likely to see a negative result. Some Hawaiian locals also say it is all about respect. By invading a sharks natural habitat you are showing threat to the shark which can also have negative consequences.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Ocean City High School Surf Team

In high school it is important for kids to participate in clubs, sports, or other activities in which can be active and express their individuality. Some high schools have started adopting surfing as one of these sports for students to participate in. Locally one of the most prominent examples of high school surfing is Ocean City's surf team. Ocean City's surf team has been a dominant name in high school level surfing, champions for the past 16 years straight and 23 of the last 24 years. OC is such a notable team that it was even featured on School of Surf. School of Surf is part of the Red Bull Riders Cup and had six episodes featuring Ocean City, along with other surf teams, preparing for and competing in the Championships. OCHS has had some local big names in surfing come from the school including Rob Kelly who has competed in ASP events, Andrew Gesler, and Jamie Moran. Although OCHS was beat by St. Augustine Prep's surf team last November they are recognized by others as an impressive surf team with some of the best surfers in the region.