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Friday, January 24, 2014

Universal Sports to Air Contest Live!

This weekend during the Body Glove Maverick's Invitational surfers from all around the world will be gathering in California at Maverick's to begin the surf competition Maverick's Invitational. Although the contest has not changed since it's origin there will be a new way to view it. Universal Sports network recently announced that they will be showing the contest on their television network for the first time. This is one of the first times a live surfing contest will be able to be viewed on television besides California or Hawaii. This new marketing of surfing will open up many doors for the surfing industry. A new stand out in the surfing world, Redbull, has sponsored many movies along with the Red Bull Signature Series showcasing action sports, including surfing. The Signature Series has showcased numerous surfing competitions, none of which were live, in different locations around the world. All of the showcased events were on the WCT, making Maverick's the first non WCT event shown on television.

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