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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Are GoPro's All Hype

Since coming out GoPro cameras have been highly acclimated for their amazing picture quality and ability to be used almost anywhere from the barrel at Pipeline to a remote walking path in Bali. With this versatility comes a demand for the product and the hype that follows. But is GoPro overrated? The costs for a GoPro can be immense. The camera itself cost $200 for the base model, with models  in the $400 range, then the mounts and accessories can range from $20- $50. However, with that price comes the ability to capture stunning HD videos of you, or your friends doing whatever activity it is you want to film. These cameras are so popular that companies like Surfline are offering prizes for the best GoPro clips submitted, along with tips and techniques to take better video. But is the price tag worth it? Are you willing to shell out potentially hundreds of dollars to video tape yourself? Personally I am not a fan of all the hype surrounding them, but I do think they are a nice product. After all, the company has made millions selling these cameras to athletes and adventure seekers alike. But there is something to be said for a company that has found a niche market and has profited well off of it, but for me I think they are overrated with all the hype they get like from the slogan "Be a Hero". But I am sure that much like any subject everyone has their own opinion so let me know what you think. Are GoPro's overrated, or are they a great new way to capture your sport through the athlete’s eyes?

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