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Monday, December 16, 2013


In surfing there are many influential people who help make the sport as progressive as it is. Arguably the most influential person is Kelly Slater. Slater grew up in Cocoa Beach Florida and is currently on the ASP world tour. Slater has won 11 World titles and 53 events including the Billabong Pipe Masters yesterday, (for the 7 time). This makes Slater the all-time most winningest surfer on tour. Aside from winning so many events Slater has shown how to surf a WCT event. Slater has also been in numerous surf films, done voice cameo for the movie Surf's Up, and was even in the TV show Baywatch showing a general audience what surfing is all about. No example is greater to show why Slater is so good than his showing at Pipeline yesterday. Although he did not clinch the world title, he had an amazing showing and won the event.  This kind of athleticism shows just why he is not only a world class surfer but a influential ambassador to the sport.

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