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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Are wavepools considered surfing?

There has recently been a movement to develop man made waves like Wadi in Al Ain Dubai that was the location of Dion Agius's new short Electric Blue Heaven, and Disney's Typhoon Lagoon which has surf scenes in Kai Neville's Lost Atlas. These wave pools are capable of producing a ride able waves that can be set to different heights and can come as quickly as every 30 seconds. But along with this new found technology is everyone's 2 cents. Some people are now claiming that these wave pools are not actually surfing. I mean sure it's no Pipeline where you can be seriously injured, but you are still surfing a wall of water that can be bigger than your home break if you live in the Northeast. Although surfing in a swimming pool may not be as rugged as paddling out in an ocean it still requires skill to surf a wave. Also, with a new way to surf whenever you want provided that you have this pool, which can cost millions, you can practice your technique and prefect your surfing. This opens up new doors for people on both the professional level and recreational to practice the sport they love when they want. But is surfing in a wave pool actually surfing? If your landing airs in a pool like Dion I would say that it is. But what's your opinion, Is it surfing? Let me know what you think.

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  1. "He's so haole, he doesn't even know he's haole." Make me think of the kid from Arizona that ruled Big Surf in Tempe before hooking up with Gonzo Gates in Hawaii in "North Shore". I grew riding a Mach 7-7 sponge at Big Surf and no, it was no Wedge but it was the best we could get in the desert. Funny thing is that there is an "Oceanside Ice Arena" right next door...another escape from the absurdity that is summer heat in Phoenix.