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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Average Joe

Although Kelly Slater is arguably the most influential person in the sport of surfing there is a person that can be very influential at everyone's local break. This person is Joe. Joe is a surfer much like you and me. Joe isn't bad at surfing, but Joe will never see the professional level of surfing, he's an average Joe. Joe likes the same things that all surfers do; new boards, nice clothes, and the warm the sun out. Joe has a decent job and a decent car that always seems to have a surfboard and wetsuit in the back. He watches the forecast often, he surfs when there is waves, and he is sad when there is not. . Joe has ultimately made his life revolve around what he loves, surfing.

Who is Joe? Joe is just that, an average Joe. He is me, he is you, and he is every surfer that you see at your break. We are all Joe whether we realize it or not. Everything that we do, both in the water and out influences the sport and culture surrounding it. If someone buys a new board and you see it in the water chances are you'll either want it or think about buying one similar. If you see that one person that stands out at your break surfing their best on a great day it will push you to surf better yourself. Part of why surfing is such a great sport is because of the progression that comes from its athletes. Besides watching professionals like Kelly Slater surf their best at Pipeline, we watch locals that most likely will never be globally known like Kelly but still surf great. By watching people like Joe and learning from them we can truly progress in the sport that we all love, surfing.

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